The city center of Äänekoski is located on an island.Because department stores, shopping malls and general stores are concentrated in a dense area, most of them can easily be reached by walking. Shopping is easy and there is plenty to do in Äänekoski.

The center of Äänekoski also attracts with its rich cultural offerings.

Popular Theater Group "Eurooppa Neljä" has many performances in Äänekoski throughout the year. Anyone interested in theater should book tickets in advance. At the city’s art museum, you can relax and admire the changing exhibitions every summer.


A strong industrial area cherishes its past. The Old Station of Suolahti offers a glimpse to its past over 100 years ago. Both old steam trains and steamships are gathered there. You can also travel by nostalgic Dm6 and Dm7 class trains.

The Route 69 event, which got its name from the road number of Kuopiontie, is a rock event held in midsummer. At local sports events, the charm of Suolahti is highlighted. It can be experienced in the ice rink or at the local athletics auditorium.


Konginkangas is part of the oldest areas in Äänekoski. The first elementary school in the province began its operations in Konginkangas in 1867. This small village respects its past. Local History club, Kömi Guild, displays objects related to agriculture and forestry in its local history museum. Kalevala Jewelry has made a Konginkangas chest buckle according to the authentic model based on Iron Age discovery.

Today the village is refreshingly vibrant. The Konginkangas Summer Days event brings locals, neighbors and guests together to enjoy themselves. The attractions of the village of Liimatala are the Kömi Theater and the racetrack, which invites all horse crazy people and has grown into an equestrian center for horse riding activities.


Sumiainen offers tourists several opportunities and experiences: varied nature,friendly people and atmosphere, a strong and open village spirit and personal events.

The sympathetic La Kala Opera with its international guests, the village shop located in a single cabinet and the world’s smallest Rautalanka festival are things you won’t find anywhere else. The Aittatori summer shop for home bakers and craftsmen offers authentic flavors with fresh coffee and pastries.

The Saarikka village house with its sawdust tracks offers many opportunities for sports enthusiasts. In the village of Poverty in Rautionmäki, old life, craftsmanship and utensils are valued and displayed. You can visit and try the smoke sauna and even sleep in the dugout.


Koivisto is a village whose rhythm of life is always tinged with considerable enthusiasm. When something is started, it is done with enthusiasm and joy to completion. Whether it is village activities or even basketball.


In the landscapes of the Suojoki River, the culture blooms throughout the year and gives strength to everyday life. Performances by amateur and professional theaters attract people even further away. The parquet floor of the old manor draws people into the joys of dance.


Honkola is still a pure agricultural area. Good transport connections and a central location create a natural attraction for the area. Honkola is a small village, with a central location, but still has its own peaceful atmosphere.


Mämme is located in the embrace of lush lakes. Nelostie, which crosses the village of Mämmi, brings with it thousands of passers-by every day. The village cultivates the good habits of the past as the village library, evening gatherings and the sewing club bring people together.